Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2mm Ships and Martians for Mars

Here's a few pictures of some new units I've completed for my 2mm "Look, Sarge, Its Mars" Historicon game.
First up are some naval units for both sides. The British are equipped with the Cerberus Monitor from Brigade Models' Land Ironclads range. I painted it in Games Workshop Fortress Gray, washed with black ink and dry brushed with white for the hull; and, GW Dheneb Stone, washed with brown ink, for the decks. The Martian Canal section is made from craft foam sheets, cut in 2 inch strips for the base and .25 inch strips for the sides. The water is painted with tube acrylics to give texture, and given some white highlights. The ship bases are also done this way. In the background is the fallen Colossus of Mars made from an old 25mm fantasy figure broken into a few pieces and mounted on a mini CD.

The second ships shown are attached to the German force. They are two of Irregular Miniatures' 2mm Monitors (Item IK04). I painted them in GW Codex Gray and gave them a back ink wash, than dry brushed with GW Fortress Grey. All the bases shown are 3 inches by 1.5 inches which will help give you a sense of scale. In the background is a large stone head that come in a pack of two from Dream Pod 9

The last photo for today is of a base of Martian allies for the British. I used Irregular's code BG33 for the long line of Radium Riflemen in the center, and code BG16 for the swordsmen that make up the rest of the unit. I primed them black than gave a heavy dry brush of GW Tanned Flesh to represent the reddish Martian skin, and then gave them a thin line dry brush of Apple Barrel Lemon Chiffon for their tunics. The base is covered in white glue and then in fine railroad ballast with sand mixed in. When dry the base is painted with Folk Art Barnyard Red, and dry brushed with Americana Burnt Orange, and then GW Vomit Brown. Lastly, some little bits of flocking are added for Martian vegetation

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  1. Excellent looking project. I am glad to see other folks not wanting to do the Wessex version of Martians. I am going with a version of Martians vaguely based on the GDW Space 1889 game.

    I used the loose order infantry blocks (can't recall the code) to represent the mixed "cutters" and "shooters". For the units of the more organized armies I based them in two lines close together and for the more disorganized armies I spaced the two rows apart.

    For painting I went with a mustardy flesh so it stands out from the rusty red ground and then touched random spots in metallic silver to show where there is armor and weapons. A touch of color for their hair and an off-white tunic for the norm and they are good.