Wednesday, April 12, 2017

HAWKs Hold Second "Armies for Kids" Painting Session

  This past Saturday a group of the HAWKs got together to have a second painting bee for this year's Franco-Prussian War themed "Armies for Kids" project.   The group met last February to begin the project, painting almost 500 15mm French figures; and this time the plan was to paint the Prussians.  Since many of the Prussians that had been donated were already painted, we only had 250 Prussians to complete.
     With all the infantry done, the plan now is to schedule a third session to work on the cavalry for both armies.  
    Once completed, the armies will be presented to six lucky kids who take part in a specially designated game at this year's Historicon.  Each kid who participates in the game will get a set of opposing armies, terrain, rules, and game aids.

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Pair of Quick and Easy Homer Simpson Idols, Just for Fun

    Recently I saw a thread where someone made a fun little terrain piece that was an idol made from a Homer Simpson figure.  Then, the other day when I was in my local Dollar Tree store, I saw these Homer figures, and thought they might be good fodder for some Homer Idols of my own.

     The figures easily popped off their bases.  I then cut some simple rock pedestals out of some scrap insulation foam.  Next, I glued the pedestals to some round MDF bases, and then glued the Homer figures to the top of the pedestals.  I sprinkled a little sand around the bottom of the pedestals where the glue oozed out.
     When the glue was dry, I sprayed the pieces with some Krylon with Fusion Camouflage Ultra-Flat Black.  When the black undercoat was dry, I sprayed the pieces with a faux stone-textured spray paint.
   When the stone texture was dry, I repainted the pieces black again.
   I then gave them an initial grey drybrushing.
  I let the initial drybrushing dry, and then gave the lefthand one (which I plan for use in warm weather/jungle setting) some staining with a little green ink and some Agrax Earthshade wash.  I gave the one on the right (which I plan to use for Frostgrave) a little wash with a little blue ink.
   When the inks were dry, I gave each idol a final light grey drybrushing.   I then added some foliage to the greenish one.   I let them sit overnight, and then the next day gave them a spray varnish protective coat.

     I'm happy with how these turned out; not great masterpieces, but just right for a quick fun project. They will be fun to put on the table and see who notices. :)