Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Off the Painting Table: Uncharted Seas

I recently completed a few new additions to my Uncharted Seas forces. First is the Dwarven Flagship. I added a few plastic Space Marine bits to the standard model to give it a more individual look. I used superglue to glue on the bits. First, I added the business end of a chain sword to the prow to make a wicked looking ramming weapon. I also added a Space Marine flag to the middle, putting the "flag" in flagship. Finally, I added two big vents, one to each side of the rear hull, to help bulk up the engine room. Making it look like this ship has something a little extra under the hood. I also filed down the generic Dwarf Nation symbols on each side of the hull, and painted on my own made-up runes.
Paint: Prime- Krylon Grey Primer, Hull- Ceramcoat Metallic Pewter, Deck- Foundation Khemri Brown, Cannon- Accent Princely Pewter, Brass bits- Ceramcoat 14K Gold, Blue Shields and Flag- Americana True Blue, Saw and Ram blades- GW Mitril Silver, Wash-Badab Black.

Next up is the Uncharted Seas Giant model . The it is all metal and I assembled it with superglue.
Paint: Prime- Krylon Grey Primer, Skin- GW Tanned Flesh, Clothes- a patchwork of FolkArt Butter Pecan, GW Bleached Bone, and GW Skull White, Shoulder Bag- GW Graveyard Earth on front/top and Accent Mustard Seed on the bottom/rear, Hair- FolkArt Pure Black highlighted with GW Shadow Grey, Staff- Khemri Brown with Kommando Khaki rope, Rock- GW Codex Grey, Figurehead Medallion- GW Burnished Gold, Wash- Winsor & Newton Peat Brown Ink, Water- GW Royal Blue with GW Skull White highlights.

Lastly, are a pair of Belcher Submarines. Shown both in Surface and Submerged variety.
Paint: Prime- Krylon Grey Primer, Hull- Ceramcoat Metallic Pewter, Brass Trimmings- Ceramcoat 14K Gold, Blue markings- Americana True Blue, Water- GW Royal Blue with GW Skull White highlights, Wash- Badab Black.


  1. Wow! That's some great work - the Giant is stunning, and some cool-looking subs - I've been looking at possible candidates for a Nemo's Nautilus for my own Aquanef project, and that Dwarven Flagship has given me some ideas - what are the measurements for that model?

  2. Thank you for your kind words. The flagship measures 12 centimeters long, 3.3 centimeters wide, and roughly 3 centimeters to the tallest smokestack.

  3. Thanks Chris, that makes her a big 'ole beast - might be ripe for a crazy conversion, after all.....

  4. Very nice stuff here, Chris. You are making me feel a little better about my advanced case of "Ooooshiny-itis," in that it is apparent that I am not the only case...

    I've been holding out against Unchartered Seas and your work here is not helping me.