Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Vintage Convention Photos

I have one more batch of old gaming slides that I want to share with everyone. Most of these are dated March 1986 (but the photos may have been taken in February). I'm not sure exactly which convention they are. It looks to me like it may be the Penn Harris? When was the first Cold Wars? Could these be of that? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Thanks to Pat Condray for indentifying this as the 4th HMGS Historical Miniatures Mini Convention held 2/28/86 to 3/2/86.

This is a photo of a convention game I ran (I think it was the first convention game I ever ran, in fact). It was a 54mm WWII skirmish using a homebrew rules set I wrote. I still have an old printed copy (from my Commodore 64's printer!)of the rules stashed away in the rules drawer in my file cabinet .

Wally Simon running one of his games.

Me, manning my flea market table.

The Alamo game...I still remember clearly what a fabulous spectacle to see it was.

These are some personal photos that were in the carousel with the Historicon convention slides. They are from the Summer of 1984:

Some of my early Dark Ages collection; Vikings in the foreground, and Normans facing the camera.

My game room, also known in the club as "Chris' Parents' basement. This is where the HAWKs were founded.

Some of my collection of 15mm ACW. 15mm ACW were the first
gaming figures I bought. I later sold the collection to finance a trip to Vermont for Jenn and I.

Some of my first micro armor. Notice the craft styrofoam hills; I hadn't been introduced to the joys of pink and blue insulation board yet

Some early elves I did.

A 15mm Colonial game: Brits vs Zulus, using Mikes Models figures.

Another shot of the same game.

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