Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Uncharted Seas Orc Flagship and Admiral

Just finished my Orc Flagship 'The Screaming Goblin' for Uncharted Seas. I modified the standard model by adding Wargames Factory round shields to the sides and a WF ancients banner to the stern. I also added a Games Workshop Goblin head to the top of the mast.

I also painted a 28mm Black Scorpion Miniatures' "Orc Admiral" figure to represent the Orc commander in our games. We play mostly multi-player Uncharted Seas games, and I'll place this figure in front of the player who is taking the role of the commander of the Orcs' side. I plan to also do a Dwarven counterpart to represent their commander.

1 comment:

  1. Wooo I like that ship. I have a UC orc fleet but I went with the classic green :) And I painted TERRIBLE icons on the sails. So so terrible! Yours are much better!