Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VSF "Steampunk" Electro-pistol Conversion

Inspired by photos I've seem on the web of "steampunk" style weapons others have made, that were converted from Nerf guns, I set about to make one of my own.
I chose a Busy Bee Toys' Ultimate Snipe Blast as the basic gun I would start with. This is a Nerf style gun, but much cheaper, not having the Nerf brand name.

I began by removing all the screws and soaking the gun's parts in water and dishwasher soap to help remove the mold release on the gun's surface. I left it to soak over night then dried it and reassembled it without the firing parts inside. I also removed the handle in the back used for cocking the weapon.

Then began the fun part of gluing on the bits and bobs to transform it into a VSF looking weapon. I used an assortment of scrapbooking craft gears and screwhead brads, and plastic model bits, a clix base and some other bits.

I then sprayed the whole thing with Krylon Fusion Camo Flat Black. When this had dried, I drybrushed it with a gun metal craft acrylic, and then picked out detail with copper and brass colors.

I'm very pleased with the results, and I must say that the whole process was a lot of fun. I think I am going to make some more of this kind of weapon, and see what I can do with other styles of Nerf type guns.


  1. Good job. I have a NERF maverick (the big revolver) awaiting just such a transformation.

  2. J Womack:

    Chris and I have been inspiring each other to make these things for an upcoming photo shoot. Take a look at these two links:

    The second link shows a Maverick conversion.