Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dollar Tree Icicle Ornament Ice Spire Terrain

On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree Store I came across these packs of plastic icicle ornaments, and were struck by their asymmetric, uneven shape. I bought a few packs to experiment making terrain for my Christmas Wars games.

I first clipped the hanging ring off of the top end. Then I cut the icicles in half into uneven lengths using a hack saw. I cut them at an angle so they would lean out in random directions when based. I then glued the cut halves onto rough circles I had cut from foamcore. Finally I textured the bases with Woodland Scenics snow.

I'm very pleased how they came out, and I think I will also try making a few and spray painting them and then painting them up like rocky spires for more conventional Sci-Fi and Fantasy games.

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