Thursday, October 1, 2015

Frostgrave Ice Toads Conversion

   I recently came across a couple of the old collectible pre-painted Wizards of the Coast D&D "Giant Frog" figures that I had stuck away in a box to use with another project; and the idea hit me how perfect they'd be to represent the Frostgrave Ice Toads.   I could see it would take only a suitable re-paint and re-basing to convert them to use in a winter setting.
   The hardest part was removing the base, which is cast on these fellows. So, I had to remove each one with a hacksaw. After that I glued each one to a fender washer and spray primed them with flat white primer.  After that it was just a matter of painting them in winter colors.
     I'm really pleased with ow these fellows turned out.  They are shown above with a 28mm figure for scale.

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