Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Frostgrave Illusionist's Warband

   I had a request over on the Reaper Forum for a portrait of my complete Frostgrave warband.  I had been playing the game so far with a mix of figures specifically painted up for Frostgrave with snow bases, and existing figures in my collection that were on regular grassed bases. I had been busily painting figures for Frostgrave, but had been working on several warbands in parallel, and hadn't actually completed a full one.   Since our group had started its Frostgrave campaign last month, I had been making a concentrated effort to finish my main Illusionist warband that I am using for the campaign, and completed the final figure this past weekend.  I sat down today and took some shots of the complete group.
    (Note: Before any sharp-eyed Frostgrave player cries foul about there being 11 figures, after the first campaign game my group settled in an old inn, allowing them to add an extra figure to the warband)
"What strange magic is this?", said the wizard Kodak, as the man set up the odd optical device before the group.  "It is a machine for the making of a permanent image," said the man. "Like a painting, but with more realism and much quicker."
"I'd like to see such magic!" said the curious illusionist.

Left to right: My Illusionist, Kodak (Reaper); his apprentice, Cherowyn (Reaper);  the templar, Sister Elessa (Reaper); The treasure hunter, Jack (Reaper); archer, Edel (Reaper); and archer, Weiss (Reaper)

Left to Right: The thief, Cadwalleter (Games Workshop); the thief, Agamemnon, (Games Workshop & Wargames Factory); the thief, Linnese (Games Workshop); the thug, Bash (Games Workshop & Wargames Factory) and the thug, Doc. (Games Workshop & Wargames Factory).
Our next campaign session is this weekend, so I'm looking forward to getting this group on the table.

Edit, 3.13.16: After our campaign game on 3/5/16, a few changes had to be made.  Jack, the treasure hunter, was killed and needed to be replaced; and Doc, the thief, was let go in order to hire a marksman.
The new treasure hunter, Orwell; though he's known as One-eyed-Jack to his friends, or just "Jack".  And, the Marksman , Danlin.


  1. Very nice. One of my favorite things about Frostgrave has simply been collecting an interesting assortment of miniatures.

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, choosing figures is half the fun! :)