Monday, April 1, 2019

Killer Rabbit Figures based on Medieval Manuscript Margin Art

      A friend and I split a pledge from the recent Killer Rabbits Kickstarter from Skull and Crown, which launched a range of rabbit miniatures based on the margin art of medieval manuscripts.    It arrived earlier this month, and I've been working on them the last two weeks to get them cleared off the painting desk before the Reaper Bones 4  Kickstarter arrives.

     Here are my results; done to a tabletop quality.  I'm really pleased with how these little guys turned out; and eventually when these guys are available on the manufacturer's website,  I hope to flesh out a full cavalry unit of snail mounted rabbits!

     Here is an example of the original medieval artwork inspiration for snail and lion rabbits. I tried to copy the original shield design for the snail rider.


  1. You have done a lovely job on these. I backed it and got mine. They are excellent figures, waiting in my lead pile...

    1. Thank you! I agree; they really are great little minis. And they paint up fast, so give them a priority seat in the pile. :)