Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buzz Lightyear: Ultramarine!

I found this push style lollipop at the local Walgreen's and was struck by the similarity of Buzz Lightyear's armor to a Space Marine's uniform. (I must admit I had never really studied Buzz Lightyear's armor pattern before.) So, I bought a couple to experiment converting, with some leftover Space Marine bits I had, into a more properly accoutremented marine.
Unfortunately, the figure measures about 45mm, so won't quite fit in with regular Space Marines unless you consider him some super-sized hero. But, it will certainly make a nice display piece... or a good figure to intimidate you enemies with as they wonder what he knows that he's smiling so much.

I began by cutting him free of the candy container. Then I trimmed off his backpack, which was a bit too flat and non-standard marine issue to be of use. The plastic was soft and a hobby blade worked on it easily. I also cut off his left hand to affix a weapon. I envisioned the great juxtaposition of him, with his big stupid grin, wielding a chain sword. Trimming the hand off was a little difficult as it was attached directly to his belt. Next, I glued him to a standard black plastic base. I then began gluing on the bits. I used E6000 glue to affix the Space Marine bits, as the figure is molded out of a softer plastic, that I knew regular hard plastic glue wouldn't work.

I gave him, a chain sword, as mentioned before, shoulder pads, a new backpack, and a holstered pistol. I also gave him a nice cluster of purity seals, as I figured Buzz, being G-rated, is surely one of the purest of Space Marines. The chainsword needed a bit of trimming to fit in the narrow area between his wrist and belt. The rest of the pieces fit easily, with no adjustment.
Now, I need to paint him. I think I am going to do him as an Ultramarine. I'll show the results in a couple weeks.


  1. This might be of interest :)

  2. Cool! Like the same idea in reverse.