Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recent Uncharted Seas Game

I recently hosted a games day for our club, at which I ran an Uncharted Seas scenario. The scenario involved an Orc raid on a Dwarven mining/port facility. For this scenario I constructed out of pink and blue foam scraps three key terrain features: the base of the harbor, where the mines and port were located, and two land arms reaching out into the harbor. I also made two small islands to place in the mouth of the harbor. On the ends of each of the arms, and on each island I put a turret.

The turrets were constructed out of travel-sized dental floss containers with round plastic coffee stirrer guns, and a washer and plastic base for the top. On the top of the plastic base, I glued the back for a pierced earring. This has a small hole in it in which I plan to eventually insert a flagpole and flag.

I also constructed three dwarf ore barges. I traced the hull outline of a standard dwarf cruiser onto a sheet of balsa to form the basic shape. Then used balsa strips to form the edges of the hold. I build up a small mound with pink foam scraps in the hold area, and then glued ballast over it. Finally, I painted them

I did not get to complete the main harbor base in time for the game. Eventually, I hope to add more detailed mining structures and other buildings.
The game was a lot of fun, but turned out to be a bit lopsided in favor of the Orcs. One of the main problems was that I gave the turrets stats that were too weak, and the Orc Ships were able to quickly eliminate most of them at long range; before the Dwarves ever had a chance to fire them.
I plan to revisit this scenario, as the players really enjoyed it and I think it has great potential. I will keep you posted as it evolves.


  1. Very impressive collection of colleagues, it would be nice to see photos from a War Games.... Good luck in the work ....

  2. Do you have any updated pictures?