Monday, July 11, 2011

HAWKs First Armies-for-Kids Project a Success!

The HAWKs completed their first Armies-for-Kids project at last weekend's Historicon. The club gave away 16 painted plastic AWI armies to 8 kids who took part. The kids also got a goodie bag filled with gaming aids and terrain. Two games were held: one Friday GM-ed by Buck Surdu, and one Saturday GM-ed by Duncan Adams.
The club is already making plans for next year's Historicon. We want to thank the folks who dropped off donations of figures and terrain at the convention, as well as those who gave financial assistance, and those who offered to paint armies in he future. We were thrilled by your support.

Gamemaster Buck Surdu (blue shirt) ran Friday's session

Two of the young generals command their forces.

American cavalry advances through the woods.

Two of the proud owners of new armies!

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  1. This was a brilliant idea. My compliments to the HAWKS for coming up with it and carrying it through.

    If only one or two of those kids come back to the hobby in later life, it will have been well worth the effort.