Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mars and Venus by GASLIGHT

I have recently moved two back burner projects to the front of the line: VSF Mars and Venus. I had been toying with doing GASLIGHT games set on these planets for a few years now, and had slowly been purchasing the figures and terrain I would need for them. I think the arrival of the John Carter movie trailer, as well as making tentative plans with Buck Surdu for a Historicon '12 Mars game inspired me to start the Mars project in ernest, and the purchase of some great jungle terrain made by Harry Kogelschatz in the Historicon flea market that inspired me to dust off my unpainted (and in some cases, unassembled) Venus figures.
So, I thought today I would share some of my first efforts that I have completed. The extreme heat and humidity here on the US East Coast has made any attempts at spraying futile, so these figures have sat without their varnish coat for almost a week now. A nice break in the temperature yesterday, allowed me to get them outside and finish them.

Fist up is a set of TinMan 28mm miniatures. These are their: (l. to r) Skiff, Moola, Jack Carson, and Princess Livia figures. I got their Livia figure to be my Dejah Thoris because I didn't really like the striding pose of their Princes Delia figure. I have added a sword to Dejah Thoris' hand so she doesn't have to always be the helpless captive.

Here is a close up of our heroes

..and a rear view. I enjoyed the opportunity to practice painting skin tones, and actually found these figures to be fun and easy to paint.

John Carter skimming across the Martian plains on his trusty skiff.

These are some Martian rock men. They were converted from Heroclix Korg figures. I separated the figure from it's base and glued it to a washer. I also changed some of the arm and leg positions to give each figure some individuality. I added a Milliput circlet around one figures head to represent the unit leader. Being Heroclix figures, they come prepainted, but I also gave them a wash with Windsor newton Peat Brown ink, and then dry brushed them with a little GW Dwarven Flesh.

These are two specialty figures for my Parrotmen of Venus army. Both are Games Workshop Kroot figures. The big gun mounted on the beast had a futuristic muzzle break on it which I removed to give it more of a smoothbore look. Perfect for putting holes in those nasty French Steam-walkers. The other figure will act as the overall tribal chief for my Parrotmen, and here again the muzzle end was removed.

A closer view of my Parrotmen 'big gun'.

And a view from behind.

A close up of the Parrotmen Tribal Chief.

And a view from behind.


  1. Very nice work! Especially the use of kroot models :)

  2. I think the kroot make a good Venusian native. I also use a bunch of GW Lizardmen models for venusians in my VSF games.


  3. I have lizardmen and Kroots for parrotmen, but the parrotmen are lagging far behind. Not a dead project, but one that has been heavily backburnered for years. Maybe this will inspire me once I get some of my VBCW stuff painted up?

  4. I'm glad to see the Tinman figures back in production...I need to get off dead center on my own Mars project...

  5. Nice Venusian equivalent of 'our' zambereck camel!