Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Firestorm Armada Dollar Tree Scratchbuilt Freighter

Last week I wrote about a 6mm sci-fi terrain piece I made using handgrenade squirt-'gun' party favors that I had bought on a recent trip to the local Dollar Tree store. Today I am gong to show a Firestorm Armada scale freighter I made using the these same party favor grenades. Shown below with a US quarter for scale

For the hull, I used the handgrenade pretty much straight out of the package. I removed the squirter handle and the cap that inserts in the water well. Then, once again, I raided the bits box to get suitable spaceship 'looking' parts.

The exhaust is a pony bead glued to a goblin shield. The bridge is the front end of a Space Marine bolter. The laser port is a seed bead. The top tower is the water well cap (turned around and covering the hole it went in.). And the two side fins are the muzzles off of Kroot rifles.

Once all the parts were glued on I sprayed the model with black primer. It is shown below next to a Firestorm Armada Sorylian frigate to give a sense of scale.

I then painted the model. I first gave the whole thing a coat of dark navy blue, then painted it with GW Shadow Gray. I then washed it with dark blue ink, and then drybrushed highlights with Duncan Decorator Acrylics Slate Blue. the final touches were to pick out some detail in metallics and then apply a couple decals. The results are shown below, again with a FA Sorylian frigate for scale.


  1. Hey, found this from your post on TMP - both of these projects are great! I do have an unconnected question, however. I really love your banner picture, and I've got a big order of Brigade Aeronef stuff coming in sometime in the next few days. Could you share a bit about how you constructed the drydock structures in that pic?

    Thanks, and again, great stuff!

  2. Amazing! I can't see a single thing to build from at the DT. You've got quite a gift.

  3. Nice! That could also be a good Zeppelin for Steampunk air combat, or just a barrage balloon from WWII. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Very nice. I have always thought that in any science fiction space universe, freighters would be vastly larger than warships due to the economics of traveling between the stars for commerce. Battlefleet Gothic's freighters always seemed wrong to me for that reason.

    Greg C.