Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Month's Painting

August turned out to be a slow painting time for me. I only got a handful of figures done. There just always seemed to be something else going on.

I've been working mainly on Kroot/Parrotmen for my Fall-In Venus game but I did, however, manage to get a few other things done too.

First up is my first foray into a tentative 'Lacepunk' project. This is a Laughing Monk figure called "The Scarlet Woman" that I picked up in the discount bin at the local gaming store. I painted her up as Betsy Ross- Revolutionary War spy and adventuress. The red, white and blue scheme was a lot of fun, and I figure she can always double as French if need be.

Next up is a set of Parroom Station Landship Crew. This is a nice set of four figures that contain: a commander talking into a communications tube, a fellow shoveling coal, one pulling a lever, and one using an oil can. I got these in the Historicon Flea market, and while I have no immediate plans for them they are good basic all purpose figures that are nice to have in one's collection. You never know when you need to have some crewmen to set out on the table. I decided to give them a nondescript uniform so they could pass for whatever nationality I need them to be. I also gave them a plain brown base so they would fit in equally well on the ground or on a deck.


  1. Nice paintjob on unconventional minis. You specially did full justice to the 'Scarlet Woman' as some American or French Superwoman Superagent!

  2. PS: not necessary 'Revolutionary': the '3 colors' blue, white and red constituted the French King's livery, and 'tricolor' decorative items appeared on the n° 1 dress of some units of the Household. Blue and red dated from the Banniere and Oriflamme of the High Middle-Ages, white indicating the presence of the King (or of an official deputy such as the Colonel general de l'Infanterie was added during the Wars of Religion.
    Elisabeth Du Val ('Babette') can well be a top field agent of Louis XV's Secret du Roy.

    "Rose and Rosh signify a valley or dale between hills" Val = dale.