Thursday, January 5, 2012

Captain America Heroclix Movie Uniform Repaint

After seeing the Captain America movie last year, I wanted to get a Captain America figure to use in my Pulp/Weird War WWII games. I believed that looking at the Heroclix line, and repainting one of those, would be my best bet. So after perusing the different styles of Captain America figures available I settled on this one from the recent Captain America set:

I believed it had a look that was close enough to make a convincing movie style Cap. Next I went online to find a good still photo from the movie to copy my paint scheme from, and selected this one:

I cut the Heroclix figure from it's base, and remounted it on a fender washer. I then spray primed it black using Krylon Camouflage Ultra-Flat Black with Fusion. Then I painted it using a mix of basic hobby acrylics and some GW paints.

I'm pleased with the results, and can't wait to see him go up against the Nazis and Hydra in a future game.


  1. Very nice. I think you captured the movie look perfectly.

  2. Great repaint. What stats are you using for Captain America in your games?