Friday, January 20, 2012

Dum Dum Dugan Figure Conversion

So now that I had a movie style Captain America figure, (see previous entry), I decided I wanted to convert a Dum Dum Dugan figure. Dugan is one of the Howling Commandos, and is recognizable as the soldier wearing the distinctive bowler hat near the center of the picture below.

I did a bit of scrounging around in some of my boxes of unpainted lead, and was able to come up with the two necessary components I was looking for: An old Foundry Wild West gunslinger wearing a bowler hat(who also had a nice big mustache), and a pack of Harlequin Miniatures U.S. BAR Gunners.
I selected one of the BAR Gunners that was sculpted wearing a scarf, as I figured it would help hide the neck seam. After two quick head removal operations, I glued the bowler hat wearing head onto the G.I. body, and voila...a passable Dum Dum Dugan figure!

Below, a look at the Heroclix Captain America next to the Dum Dum Dugam figure. Size wise they match up pretty well.

Another picture of Cap', and Dugan, this time as they battle a sinister Nazi robot!

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  1. Nice conversion for Dum Dum. Are you going to make any of the other Howling Commandos? The best would be Sgt. Fury.