Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cold Wars 20 Player Pirate-aganza

Saturday night at Cold Wars Buck Surdu and I ran our 20 player Pirate-aganza. Players were tasked with collecting various treasure tokens we had spread around the table, and whoever had the most treasure at the end of the game was the winner.

S-259 - Saturday Night's Alright for … Sacking a
Sat. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 20 players
GM: Buck Surdu with Chris Palmer and HAWKS
Age of Piracy 28mm, Rules: GASLIGHT Compendium
Shiver me timbers, lad, it be pirates! Several ship loads of pirates
set ashore to seize plunder, release their friends from the
governor's dungeon, "rescue" young damsels, and other assorted
mischief. The governor's small garrison will do its best to
maintain order. Come join this wild and rollicking, epic tale of
We were pleased to have a full quota of players and a lots of folks who stopped by to watch the action.
Buck (blue shirt) helps one of the players with the rules.

The small harbor town was the scene of much of the action.

On the other side of the table from the town, was the fort.
Though a few of the braver pirate bands tried to overwhelm it's defenders, none of them were able to get inside.

Some of the action around the governor's mansion

In the final turns of the game we had a dramatic siege of the church, where one of the townsfolk players had barricaded himself with much of the treasure from the town.

Buck and I were awarded a "Pour Encouragers Les Autres" Award for the game by the convention awards committee.

For more photos and information see Buck Surud's blog:

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