Saturday, March 31, 2012

"A Union So Tested" Rules Used at Army OPD

Last Thursday several members of the HAWKs were invited to lead an Officer Professional Development event for members of an Army Signal Battalion. Sam Fuson spearheaded the effort which included the officers, senior NCOs and senior civilian staff members of the unit.
The object of the event was to have the participants take part in a game recreating the battle of Chancellorsville from the American Civil War with the goal of encouraging decision making strategic thinking, and team building. Each player was assigned a divisional or corps command.
The game was played on a 20' x 8' foot table and featured over 4000 1/72 scale plastic figures. Set up took over two hours.

The rules used were our "A Union So Tested: Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW". Each stand of infantry represented a regiment.

The table full of figures was an impressive sight.

All the players really got into the game and had a fun time while having a learning and team building experience as well.

Afterwards, Colonel Surdu led the officers in an after action discussion of the battle.

And Colonel Surdu was awarded a plaque for his part in making this event a success.

Here is a short video of the event:

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