Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another "Look Sarge, No Charts: Fantasy, Ancients, & Medievals" Playtest

Set up for our club's one day miniatures gaming convention, BARRAGE XVI, happened to fall on one of our regular meeting nights this year, so we decided to just go ahead and hold our meeting after we were finished getting ready for the convention, right there in the Community Center where we were setting up
    . One of the games we ran was another playtest of our under-development "Look,Sarge, No Charts: Fantasy, Ancients, & Medievals" (LSNC:FAM) rules, using 10mm figures. This was the first run of these rules for the club at large, and in general they were very favorably received. We still have a number of kinks to work out, but I'm really thrilled by the look and feel of the games so far.

A Goblin hoard with bats, giants, and a giant spider attached.

On the left flank of the "Good" side, High Elf cavalry tries to stem the on-rushing "Evil" hoards of minotaurs, demonic trees, and evil giant eagles. 

An overview of the table.

In the center of the battle, High Elf infantry, backed up by legions of Wood Elves, faces off against an assortment of evil humans and dwarves.

Another view of the table.  In the end, though the side of "Good" had broken through the center of the "Evil" side's line, both of their flanks were soundly beaten by the forces of "Evil", so the "Evil" forces were declared the victors 

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