Friday, September 28, 2012

Reaper Kickstarter Project Manager Update

For those who may not have received the email.


This is what you’ve been waiting for!

The Bones Post Kickstarter Pledge Manager is going live today!
There are a lot of you who have been anxiously awaiting this, and we appreciate your patience. It was a lot of work!
We’re going to ask you to hold on just a little bit more -- we’re sending out the emails with your access links in waves over the next day. Hopefully this will limit the flood of traffic and make for a smoother experience for everyone as you tell us your final choices for your pledge allocation.
Be on the lookout for your email and your log-in link.
Make sure you’re accepting messages from That’s where the email will be coming from.
With the pledge manager you’ll be able to:
- Give us your shipping address.
- Add to your initial pledge and get more stuff.
- Use PayPal or a credit card for payment of stuff beyond your initial pledge.
- Adjust your pledge if your math was off or you didn’t add any money for shipping (international backers).
- Upgrade your pledge level. With limits. Most everyone can upgrade to Vampire, but only undertakers can add undertaker packages, for instance.
- Trade your Kickstarter Sophie models in for credit or upgrade them to the Urban Legends version.
Some potential "gotchas" to keep in mind:
- The pledge manager doesn’t store your choices in the database until the very end. This will help with the traffic and keep us from crashing. If you leave and come back, there’s a good chance you’ll have to start over.
- The pledge manager will accept your input for about 10 days. After that we’ll lock you in at your pledge level. We need to get moving on the final orders so we can get these figures done by March. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you before we shut it down.
- After you’re all locked in, you’ll be able to update your email address and shipping address in case that changes between now and then.
Please help everyone out by letting all of your friends know, just in case they miss both this update or their email when it get’s sent out.
Minor Change of Plans:
In other news, due to circumstances beyond our control, two of our elves we were going to produce from the concept art will now be based on two existing models. The original ones are hung up at the sculpting phase, and we can’t wait any longer. We picked models that are pretty similar to the concept art and they’re already headed to production so we can hit that March deadline. Check ‘em out (see below).
Moving Production to Texas Update:
We’re making good progress moving Bones production to Texas. We’ve picked out a beastly beauty of an injection machine, but we have to wait for the final quote for this round of production from China before we can know if we have enough cash left over to cover all the initial bells and whistles. It’ll be awhile before we’re going full swing, but we’re getting there.
Did you know it takes around 3 or 4 months just to get the machine delivered for installation after you purchase it? Apparently, they build them to order and don’t have an inventory just sitting around -- go figure! ( many do they sell a year, I wonder? Not many I bet.)
Anyway, keep an eye out for that email with your Pledge Manager log-in, and thanks from all of us at Reaper!

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