Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ironclad Martians and a Ruin

This week I completed two 10-man GASLIGHT units of Ironclad Miniature's Martians, as well as a ruin constructed from some styrofoam packaging.  
The wine shipping styrofoam top, after I started applying the dark brown paint.
 The ruin was made from the top half of some packaging used to ship wine bottles in that fellow HAWK Greg Priebe gave me. I thought it had a neat industrial look to it, and since it was partially broken when I got it, I decided to break it up further and make a ruin. I also glued some pieces of bent plastic sprue in the broken areas to look like re-bar or conduits. I painted it in dark brown paint, and then added a couple coats of tan dry brushing, working from mid-tone to white.
The finished ruin shown with two 28mm figures for scale.
I also painted up some of the broken styrofoam pieces to add as the crumbled wall sections. Then, I added some blue trim to the tops of the domes to give it some visual interest. It will make a nice addition to my Martian and Sci-Fi terrain.
Twenty Ironclad Martians with their John Carter figure front and center.
Also coming off the workbench this week were the last figures remaining in my two 10-man Martian units for GASLIGHT, using Ironclad's interesting Martian figures.  I really like these figures with their kind of Pathan-inspired look and their unusual breathing apparatus and masks.  I will use them as some sort of tribal hill Martians, and their unique appearance will help differentiate them from my other Martian units from Bronze Age Miniatures
A closer look at 10 of the Martians and the John Carter figure.
I also like their John Carter figure.  It is a very unique interpretation of the character, though I probably won't be using it as John Carter himself, but rather as the Chieftain to these two 10-man groups of Martians.

A close up of three of the figures. 

I decided to paint them all in a red/orange/yellow color scheme to represent the colors of heir home planet. I added only a few details here and there in more primary colors like blue, green, or purple.
  These figures really have a lot of detail in them, like the breathing apparatus, and the folds of their clothing. It makes them very easy, and a joy to paint. All I did was basic paint jobs, then gave them a coating of Windsor Newton Peat Brown ink. 

Another group of three.
Ironclad Minaitures gan be found at: Ironclad Miniatures


  1. Very nice, Chris! The Martians are excellent, superb paint job! And the ruined industrial "thingy" is an crackin' bit of scap turned into terrain! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. How does the Windsor newton ink compare to the old GW Devlan Mud? Any problems with highlighting back over it, or running when varnish is applied?

  3. Nice model building and figures. The colour scheme really works with the Martian setting. I also use Windsor & Newton Peat Brown, a useful ink for shading.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments! The WN Peat Brown ink is a little more brownish than the GW Devlan Mud is. I have no problems highlighting over it, or varnishing.