Monday, May 5, 2014

"Bear Yourselves Valiantly" Rules Update

I just wanted give everyone an update on our progress with our mass combat fantasy, medievals and ancients rules, "Bear Yourselves Valiantly".    We are very pleased to reveal the final cover for the rules:
Also, we spent last weekend doing a lot of the photography for the many examples of play throughout the book.
James "Tank" Nickle, Dave Wood, and Buck Surdu working on photos for the rules.
We were pleased to arrange with Magister Militum to have many of their upcoming new range of Fantasy figures featured in the photos in our rules.
Magister Militum American Indians riding Giant Eagles

Magister Militum Ents
Magister Militum High Elf Cavalry
Magister Militum High Elf Mounted Archers
Magister Militum High Elves with Swords
Magister Militum Wood Elves wit Swords

Magister Militum Large Water Elemental
 It looks like we are on track for a publication date to coincide with Historicon this July.   We are making final edits, adding photos, and compiling example army lists as we head towards our final deadline before sending the book off to our publisher, On Military Matters.
BYV Game at Last Year's Historicon
Be sure to check the BYV website for updates and more information:


  1. Howdy,
    Have you guys settled on a kids project for Historicon? Is there anything I can do to help?


    1. The plan is for 28mm Napoleonics. We are really behind this year, so haven't done the organizational work we usually have accomplished by this time of the year. I know we are short of some basic terrain for each kid to have.