Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Armies For Kids 2015 Project Update

This past Saturday Buck Surdu hosted a painting day to work on this year's Armies For Kids project.   Members of the HAWKs got together at his house to paint about a hundred 40mm ACW Union figures that were part of a lot donated by Maynard Creel.  Another approximately 100 painted figures donated by Keven Pinder,were mounted on bases.   There are also a large number of painted figures donated to this year's project by Ed Mohrmanm, and some by Phil Kearnan.
Photo courtesy of Buck Surdu.
       After a morning of painting, the guys took a brake and played the new Star Wars Imperial Assault game.  Buck has posted a write up of that session to his blog
Photo courtesy of Buck Surdu.
     These armies will be presented to 6 lucky kids who take part in a specially designated game at Historicon this summer.


  1. Howdy! I saw from your most recent post that there will be 6 40mm sets. How many WWII sets will there be?

    I have some Roco tanks that are unemployed, but they are mostly Russian. There are some Germans, whichmight work, unless you guys get enough 1/72 stuff to put stuff in each set. Maybe the smaller scale tanks would work in sets that don't use 1/72?

    Either way, best regards and again my congrats on the great thing you guys are doing for the kids!

    Chris Johnson

    1. Thanks Chris.
      We are pushing the WWII project to Barrage, as we ended up with just too many ACW figures that needed painting. So we really dont know yet how many WWII sets there will be.
      We are pretty well set with WWII armor at this point, so I don't think we'll need the Roco stuff.