Thursday, March 26, 2015

10mm Pendraken Lizardmen Units

     This past week I completed some more units for my planned 10mm Lizardman Army for "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" mass combat fantasy rules.  Some of my readers will remember that a few weeks ago I posted the Giant Turtles that were the first Lizardman units I painted.
   So far, I did three stands of spear-armed troops, one of archers, and a Battlegroup leader, Wing Commander, and a Shaman.  Next up I hope to finish some cavalry and other assorted troops.
Three spear wielding Warbands and one of archers

The Wing Commander on his personal war-turtle "Pooky", a Battlegroup leader with banner, and a wise old shaman 

A close up of the regal Wing Commander

Battlegroup leader


Spear close-up....

..and archers.


  1. Looking good, Chris.
    Very impressed with the detail on the banner.
    Still struggle to imagine battle turtles but, hey, it's fantasy!

    1. Thanks! The white portion of the banner is actually a decal, so I cheated a little. :)
      Anyone who has run afoul of a snapping turtle knows that war turtles are real! :)