Sunday, September 27, 2015

GALACTA: Another Trip Down Memory Lane

   In a recent discussion on the Reaper Forum ,the topic came up of the old Sci-Fi miniatures game called "GALACTA", which was produced by Heritage Miniatures.  I got the basic game set for this game for Christmas in either 1980 or '81, and I can remember spending a good part of Christmas afternoon painting the figures.
The orignal rules sheet that came with the boxed set.

  So, I was inspired to dig my old GALACTA figures out of a box full of assorted gaming stuff I never use, and look through some cabinet drawers to find where I had stuffed the old rules sheets; and spend a little while with my memories from the beginning years of my journey in the hobby of miniatures gaming.  While not the first miniatures I ever owned (that would be 15mm ACW) , these were certainly some of the earliest, and in turn some of the earliest figure painting I ever did that I still own. Needless to say, my skills have improved in the past 35 years. And, I truly think there is a certain charm and character to these old sculpts.  In fact, I'm happy to report some of these old warriors still are part of my current armies.  The "Octopoid" figures that I got in that first basic set, still make up part of my force of Wellsian Martians for my VSF on Mars armies.
Rebel Leader, Rebel Adventurer, and Woman Assault Leader

Stormtroopers and Storm Trooper Officer.  These were the ones i got in the original boxed game  set

At a later date I added another squad

A pair of Alien Squogs (Squirrel Dog) and a big lizard guy.  One of the Squogs came with the boxed game set, the other was part of a later purchased Aliens blister, along with the big lizard guy.

Planetary Striker Officer and Planetary Strikers

2 Security Bots and Warbot

Octopoid Grenadier, Section Leader, and Cannonier. Note the updated bases to use with my current troops for Mars.

The original painting guide and scenarios sheet.


  1. I have one or two of those figures laying about, myself. The rebel adventurer for certain.

    1. Cool. I bet there's a fair number of them out there in the collections of gamers-of-a-certain-age. :)

  2. It seems that those old minis, while not nearly as detailed as modern sculpts, have a charm and character that can be missing in a lot of modern ones.

    1. I agree Chris. I don't know if its just nostalgia, but I really think there's something about these old minis that is very appealing.
      Eli, I agree, the Octopoids were my favorites too. :)

  3. Love it. Drove my mom crazy with it by riding the cupboards for canned goods to make terrain. This was the very first published miniatures rules system I ever plaid.

    1. What a great memory! I remember back when books and soup cans were perfectly acceptable terrain. :)