Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dollar Tree Halloween Decoration to Frostgrave Terrain Conversion

  I picked up a couple items during a recent trip to the local Dollar Tree store to use in my Forstgrave games.  The first is a bag of white rocks that will be good for scattering in piles here and there, and the second is one of their Tombstone  Corner Halloween scenery pieces. Folks who read the blog regularly will remember I recently converted one of the "Bone Gazebos" for use in regular non-frozen fantasy games.

      Since Frostgrave is a ruined city, and since I didn't want this looking exactly like a bone gazebo; carefully using a hammer and a chisel, I  knocked out the pillars until the top broke off.
     I then sprayed the whole thing with flat black primer and drybrushed it with assorted grey tones and painted the base white.  Afterwards, I flocked the bottom with Woodland Scenics Snow flock.
     For the price of a dollar, and a very quick conversion, I think it makes a dandy piece of  terrain to add clutter to my Frostgrave table.


  1. I like the chop-top on the gazebo. I bought that gazebo last year and repainted it. I hope they've got more goodies out this year - Dollar Store is awesome for finding cool terrain bits.

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, I agree that Dollar Tree is great for terrain and I am eagerly waiting to see what the have for Christmas. Unfortunately, the Halloween village pieces were the same as last year, except for the crypt which was redesigned to be less useful IMHO, (with a large spider sculpted on top).