Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reaper's "Christmas Eve" as Mrs Claus, Enchanter Apprentice for Frostrgave

   This week I worked some more on my Christmas-themed Enchanter warband for Frostgrave, by painting the Reaper Special Edition figure, "Christmas Eve" to be the warband's apprentice, Mrs Claus.
     This is the third figure I've completed for this warband.  I've painted Santa as the Enchanter wizard, and Yukon Cornelius as the group's Treasure Hunter.

      Here's a portrait of the Santa and Mrs Claus side by side.  I think they go together pretty well.  I like that he's all fierce and disheveled looking, and she's all serene and tidy.  :)


  1. Awesome! Are she and the necro you converted to Santa still available or were they limited releases?

    1. Thanks! The Darkrasp, evil priest, figure is currently available. The Christmas Eve figure is a Special Edition figure that usually only goes on sale at Christmas time. So, while it is released only for a limited time, it isn't gone forever; you'll just have to wait until December.

  2. To me, it looks like Mrs Claus is out of Santa's league. She's not just in it for the toys, is she?

  3. Excellent find for using Reaper figurines in a very different magic world....of Christmas.

    like the idea.