Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ghost Archipelago Skull Rock Terrain From Dollar Tree Halloween Decor

   This past week my local Dollar Tree started putting their Halloween decorations on the shelves, and I grabbed one of their plastic skulls to make a skull-shaped rock terrain piece for Ghost Archipelago.
     I began by slicing off part of the lower jaw at an angle, so the skull would sit more upright and less leaned back.
     I then hot-glued it to a CD.
     I also hot glued a bit of pink foam scrap under the back overhang so it wouldn't look quite so unbalanced.
     I then sprayed it with flat black primer; and when that was dry, I sprayed it with stone texture spray paint.
     When the stone texture coat was dry,  I drybrushed the skull with various light grays.   When the drybrushing was dry, I used a little green stuff, some small twigs, and some spanish moss to make a little bird nest to sit in one of the eye sockets.
     I then hot glued various plastic aquarium plants onto the base.
     After that,  I flocked the base and added some more clump foliage and some grass tufts.    Finally, I sprayed it with some Testor's Dullcote matte spray paint.
Shown with a 28mm Reaper pirate figure for scale

     I'm very pleased with how this turned out!   I'm thinking I may like to make some smaller ones as well.


  1. That birds nest and assorted detritus really sells the skull as a piece of terrain!

    1. Thanks, Lasgunpacker! I felt the eyes were just too much blank space, so tried to think of natural ways to add some interest to them. l'm glad you like it.