Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Attempt at a Venusian Amazon Cavalrywoman

I made my first attempt at a Venusian Amazon Cavalrywoman today. I used components from the Wargames Factory Amazon Warrior, and Roman Cavalry sets, as well as a Games Workshop Cold One from a Lizardman Cavalry set.

First I cut the bodies of one of the Roman cavalrymen, and one of the Amazon warriors each in half, right above their respective belts. I then glued these together. The waist of the Amazon is a bit more slender than the Roman's. In the front, I think it will be less noticeable when painted, and in the back I built up the Amazon's backside a bit with Miliput to help fill the gap.

I then used a head and arms from the Amazon Warrior set and armed her with a sword and spear from the Roman set, and a shield from the Amazon set.

I tested the figure on an assembled Cold One lizard mount and found that the width of the lizard caused the rider to tilt backward a little more than I liked. So, after a bit of experimentation I found that if I cut down one of the saddles included in the Roman Cavalry set, and glued it on the lizard's back, it helped hold the rider in a more upright position.

I'm really looking forward to a chance to paint this one up, as well as make the other nine members of her unit.. Hopefully it will be warm enough this week to get out and do some spray priming.


  1. I like it, cant wait to see you paint it up.

  2. I am looking forward to the painted version too.

  3. Me too! :-) I will try to get it finished ASAP, and post some pictures!

  4. A promising start. Is this for Historicon this year?

  5. Possibly. Buck and I are doing Mars for this year's big Historicon GASLIGHT Extravaganza, but I may bring my Venus stuff for one of my other games.