Monday, February 27, 2012

First Sample Venusian Amazon Cavalrywomen Painted

In my previous blog entry I described how I had made a Venusian Amazon Cavalrywoman by using pieces from the Wargames Factory Roman Cavalry and Amazon Warrior sets, as well as mounts from a Games Workshop Lizardman Cavalry set. (See Feburry 21st, 2012 )
Well, I finally got around to painting the first two samples for this unit, and am pleased with the results.

I decided on a yellow/tan scheme for the lizard mounts, as green is already the color of the "bad guys" Parrotmen and Lizardmen; and red I felt was a little too bold for a naturally occurring animal color. And doing a blue for the mount would make it too similar to the rider.

Once again, like the Amazon infantry I did, I raided my stock of GW decals to decorate their shields.

I am finishing up the Venusian Amazon archers currently, and I will complete the rest of this unit after that. Look for more pictures in the days and weeks ahead. After Cold Wars, I hope to do my first game with my Amazon figures.


  1. Looking good, Chris. Are these for Historicon this year?

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks!
    J Womack- Nothing definite yet for Historicon, but I'm sure I'll be looking for excuses to get these figures on the table once I've completed all of them. :-)

  3. Cute,should be difficult to make it