Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Unit of Venusian Amazons

I completed my first unit of Venusian Amazons this week. I decided to add an Amazon faction to my Venusian GASLIGHT games after the release of Wargames Factory's plastic Amazons set offered a cheap way to build such units. As the old saying goes, "Women are from Venus," so I thought a race of Amazons on that planet would be ideal. They will represent an ancient civilization that is on the decline ever since the wild Venusian parrotmen developed guns. Hopefully they will befriend the newly arrived French, and a strong alliance will develop.

The figures assembled quickly and easily. I gave them some swords from a couple freebie sprues of Wargames Factory ancients I had got at a convention. I primed them black, and decided to paint the skin tone light blue to give them a more alien look.

I also have a unit of archers which I will be painting next.

The flag is a photo of an Andorian cos-player that I used an 'oil painting' filter on in a graphics program to try and give it the look of a tapestry type flag. I then applied gold lettering and a gold border around the edge. It is meant to look like the banner of a queen or priestess.

The shield decals are from a couple leftover sheets of Games Workshop Space Marine decals I had.


  1. Hmm... Between the blue skin and those Macedonian-style helmets, they have a vaguely Smurfish look to them...

  2. Ha! You're right, I hadn't realized. Glad I didn't paint the helmets white. :-)

  3. *lovely* I'm sure the French will succumb!

  4. Very nice. A friend painted Zulus blue for VSF, we all called them Blulus.

    I like the banner. How did you paint it? Or did you paint over a photocopy or something like that?

    Where are the decals from?

  5. For the banner I found a picture online of a blue cos-player and downloaded it into a graphics program that had an "oil paint" filter which is designed to make the image look like an oil painting. I used this effect very lightly to just kind of blur the edges of the photo and make it look less 'photo' sharp. I then shrunk the image down and made a side by side reverse duplicate copy of it so I had two sides for the flag, and then printed it on standard computer paper. I then painted on some gold symbols and a gold edging.
    The decals are Games Workshop Space Marine 'Dark Angel' Decals.
    I hiope this info. helps let me know if you have any further questions.