Monday, July 16, 2012

HAWKs Complete Preparations for the 2012 Armies for Kids Project

    The HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers), have completed the final assembly of this year's Armies for Kids project. The purpose of the club's annual project is to give away free armies to kids, in an attempt to help grow the hobby. The initial project was launched last year, after the club received a sizable donation of unpainted 25mm American War of Independence figures from the Wally Simon estate, with the simple request that the club see the figures got into the hands of kids.

    The HAWKs then held several painting bees to paint the hundreds of donated figures. The results of last years project was the presentation of painted opposing armies, as well as a gift bag of terrain and playing aids, to 8 children who participated in specially designated kids games at Historicon '11.
    This year, the club worked on a Seven Years War project based on the generous donation of 15mm figures from Robert Piepenbrink, as well as the donations of additional SYW figures from Erik Engling, and Ed Mohrmann. The club has been aided this year by some financial donations from folks who generously gave the club money at last year's Historicon, as well as the painting support of John Spiess, who painted two of the giveaway armies for us this year. The rest of the figures were painted by HAWKs club members in a series of group painting sessions held throughout the year.

The HAWKs have now completed the painting and basing of all the armies, and assembled the boxes of terrain and playing aids that the kids will receive. Each participant in the event listed below will receive a painted French and a Prussian Army, as well as some cards, dice, a ruler, buildings, a hill some hedges and other terrain pieces.

This is the event which will be held Friday night at the upcoming Historicon convention:

F-545 HAWKS Army Giveaway for Kids
Seven Years War: 6 PM: Length: 2: Hosted by: Buck Surdu: Scale: 15mm:
Rules: Milk and Cookies: No. of Players: 4.
In this second year of a multi-year outreach effort, the HAWKs
are sponsoring a game to interest children in the hobby.
Several gamers have donated figures to the HAWKs with
the understanding that we will get them into the hands of
kids. All four children who participate in this event will get
a small, painted French and Prussian army to take home.


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For details on last year's project see:

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