Monday, July 23, 2012

Historicon 2012 AAR: Rescue on Venus by GASLIGHT

I arrived at Historicon Friday afternoon, and soon after getting there, began setting up my Friday evening GASLIGHT game, "Rescue on Venus".  This was a follow-up scenario to my Cold Wars "Lost Legion of Venus" game and featured an attempt by French Foreign Legion to rescue Victoria Hawkes from the grips of the evil Lizardmen.  Also, present for the first time in this game were my Venusian Amazons. They were trying to free their princess who was also a captive of the Lizardmen.
An overview of the table
  The game was a lot of fun, but unknown to me the Lizardmen and Venusian players had made a deal for the Venusians to not attack them and in exchange the Lizardmen would free their captive princess.  I did not realize this plan was in action until the game was several turns in, or I would of have allowed it, because it upset the play balance of the scenario, and the game ended with a  Lizardman victory.  In the future, I will have to add the "no alliances" rule to the scenario briefing.  Nonetheless everyone had a great time, and I look forward to running the game again at Cold Wars.
The Lizardmen's dinosaur makes quick work of the French Steam-Walker.

The brave French commander finds himself surrounded by lizards

The situation near the end of the game.

One of the things Buck Surdu and I brought this year was a new vinyl GASLIGHT banner Greg Priebe designed for us.  We're really pleased with how this turned out and look forward to displaying it over our games at future conventions.  We also hope to have a T-shirt and poster version available soon in our Zazzle shop.

Buck discusses the convention with Mike Horton, a GASLIGHT fan, who made the trip to the con from the Isle of Man. Our new banner can be seen on the wall behind them.

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  1. Sorry if I spoilt the balance of the game, Chris. I think it was more a join us or die alliance offer. But I was planning the double cross if I needed to. Still a great entertainment though and if I can get back next year I will. Thanks for making me so welcome.