Monday, July 23, 2012

Historicon 2012 AAR: Armies for Kids Game

Friday afternoon at Historicon Buck Surdu ran our "Armies for Kids" project game.  This game was designed for 4 kids, and each kid who participated were to receive a 15mm French and Prussian Seven Years War army as well as a box of terrain to keep and take home with them.
This year's two young generals.
 Even though this was spelled out in the convention program, we only got two kids to come out and take part. Sometimes its just hard to give stuff away I guess. Both kids had a blast playing the scenario, and were thrilled with new their armies and terrain.
A shot of the French forces arrayed for battle.

For more information on this year's project see:
Game Master Buck Surdu answers a question for one of the young gamers.

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