Monday, June 24, 2013

My Reaper Bones Kickstarter Box Arrived!

When I got home this afternoon, there was a big box waiting on my doorstep, and sure enough, it was my Reaper Bones Kickstarer figures! I thought I'd take some photo of the opening 'ceremony', so those that haven't received their box yet, can anticipate a little better what will be arriving soon at their homes as well.
   In the box, on top, are an invoice and a color flyer advertising Reaper paint and giving a brief 4 step painting guide to Bones, then are some shipping protection air pillows and all the extra figures I ordered as separate add-ons.  Then beneath this is the Vampire box itself.

In the actual Vampire box are 6 large plastic bags, each containing dozens of the figures.  My painting queue is all set for the next decade. :-)


  1. I know that feel bro. I was excited when I got mine then immediately over whelmed at all the paint work that could be done lol!

  2. Got my Bones last week, so much to paint. It it's true you won;t die until you psaint your last mini, I'm going to live to about 150.

    Trying not to spam, but I am trying to spread the word. We have a project to produce pinup miniatures based on the art of Andrew Bawidamann and would love to have you let your readers know. Check it out if you like what you see, tell your readers and know we are thankful for the help. Contact us and I can send a full press kit with a release and some handy dandy graphics. Thanks! -Torin