Monday, June 17, 2013

The Ubiquitous Bits-Box Junk-Pile Terrain Piece

It seems that sooner or later all scratch-builders and terrain-makers get around to making the fun and easy "Junk Pile" terrain piece. I recently undertook such a project myself, for the first time, this past week.
For the base of the junk pile I used an old CD, and for the "junk" I used some odd bits I had lying around, including the top of an old Star Wars AT-ST, and a tanker trailer from a dollar store farm set.
After I glued all the bits to the CD, and let the glue dry, I sprayed it with flat black primer. I then drybrushed the bits in the pile with various shades of metal, tans, and red-browns, to give it that rusty look.
Shown with 25mm Void 1.1 Junker (how appropriate!) figures.
Afterwards, I flocked the base with a sand mixture and added some clumps of dried grass.
I'm pleased with how it turned out, and as I said, it was quick and fun to do.    It makes a nice hour project that adds a nice bit of character to any Sci-Fi table set up.

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