Monday, July 15, 2013

HAWKs Complete 2013 "Armies For Kids" Project

The HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers) have completed their 2013 Armies For Kids Project.  This purpose of this annual project, begun in 2011 with a donation of figures from the Wally Simon Estate, is to give free armies and terrain to kids who participate in specially designated kids' games run by the HAWKS each year at Historicon.
   This year the club worked on preparing 54mm Civil War armies from figures generously donated by Randy Seybert.  The club spent the past year preparing and painting enough figures for four lucky kids, who will each get a Union force and a Confederate force along with a bunch of terrain, including several pieces constructed especially for the project by Chris Johnson, who also helped paint some of the figures for us.
A sample of what each child will recieve.
  Then, luckily, in May we received a last minute donation of two boxes of painted 54mm ACW figures from Ross Macfarlane, which now allowed us to expand the project to have enough troops for 5 kids to participate.
  In addition to two boxes full of painted and based figures, each child will also receive several pieces of assorted terrain and some paint and plaster terrain for them to paint, as well as dice and tape measures and other game aids.
  We are already planning next years project which will include 25mm/30mm Napoleonic armies.  If you have any you'd like to donate please contact me at:


  1. Darn it! Had I known about the fifth set I would have made up some more terrain! Do you guys have enough for it? If not, I could make some up after Hcon and send it to the kid. I guess we can talk about it over the next couple of days.

    See you there,


    1. Chris-
      Yes, we had enough terrain. We were able to supplement with a few other things that had been donated, so everyone is getting a big box of terrain. :-)

  2. P.S. I can help out with next year's project, too.

    P.P.S. Have I ever told you that although I may look 62, I am actually only 13 and thus eligible for a free wargame set-up?

    1. Thanks for the offer to help with next year's project!