Thursday, April 18, 2013

HAWKs Have Painting Bee for Their Armies for Kids Project

On April 6th the HAWKs held a Painting Bee for their Armies for Kids project, and a NQSYW (Not Quite the Seven Years War)Game day at my gaming room. (See here for details of this game.) We started the morning with members getting together to work on painting some of the several hundred plastic 54mm ACW figures, generously donated by Randy Seybert, that we will be giving way in a special kids' game at Historicon this year. 
Some of the gang hard at work.
It was a pleasant time as we listened to music and talked gaming. We worked for about three hours, and we managed to finish about two thirds of the Union infantry, and a smattering of the Confederate infantry. 
   We also had had a few dozen of the  figures generously painted for us by Chris Johnson, which he mailed to us the week before, and we added those to the finished figures.
Dave Wood, working on some Confederates
We hope to schedule one or two more of these sessions in the months ahead to finish things up before Historicon.
Norman Dean took on the thankless job of being our flag painter, with excellent results.

A satisfying day's work.
Afterwards, we took a break for lunch and then set up a game of the NQSYW, the club's 40mm homecast Imagi-Nations project.

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  1. Great to see so many people coming together in a good cause, well done you!

    Best wishes, Brian