Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LSNC Author Team Takes Part in Army SLDP Event

Last Thursday the author team of the "Look, Sarge, No Charts" series of miniatures wargaming rulebooks, Buck Surdu, Dave Wood, and myself,  helped lead a Senior Leader Develop Program (SLDP) for a US Army unit, using our "A Union So Tested" Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW rules.   Joining us in game-mastering the event were members of the HAWKs wargaming club,  Ed Duffy, Sam Fusion, and Eric Schlegel.  Sam was also the mastermind behind the event, and can be credited with putting the whole thing together.
Eric Schlegel (in blue shirt) helps determine the outcome of rifle fire during the First Day battle.
The event featured three battles from Gettysburg, each on it's own table: A First Day battle done in 10mm, and two large Second Day battles using 1/72 plastics. One of these featured the north half of the battlefield with the engagements around Culp's Hill and Cemetery hill, and the other the south end of the field, featuring Devil's Den and the Round Tops.   From 10 to 15 Officers, NCOs, and Senior Civilian Staff took part in each game; with the goals of team building, problem solving, and learning a bit about this historic battle
Dave Wood, (in blue shirt) explains a fine point of the rules in this shot of the northern part of the Second Day battle.
While many of the participants had never played a miniature wargame before, the players were quick to pick up the rules, and really got into the game. There was frequent cheering, or groaning, as player's fortunes rose and fell.  And, of course, plenty of friendly trash-talking amongst opponents. Everyone involved seemed to have a great time. And we, the authors, had a blast running the games. The participants got a real insight into the difficulties experienced by the actual commanders at the battle.
Sam Fuson (in white cap) listens as a player explains what he wants his units to do, on the Day Two south battlefield table. 
After the games concluded, Buck Surdu conducted a debriefing session where those playing the roles of the senior commanders at Gettysburg got a chance to explain the goals they had hoped to achieve and how they had hoped to achieve them, as well as discuss some of the realizations they had had about Civil War battles in general.
Buck Surdu (pointing) helps a player work through the melee rules.

We had a great time and we look forward to doing this again in the future.


  1. This is just so awesome I am very jealous of it.

  2. Your second picture, guy on the far right. I served with him during my third tour to Iraq. Nice seeing a familiar face on a wargaming blog! Didn't expect that.