Sunday, May 30, 2010

2mm VSF for Historicon: The Germans

I'm busy painting and basing a lot of 2mm stuff for my "Look, Sarge, It's Mars" game at Historicon. I'm going to be using a modified version of our "Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW" rules and the great Land Ironclads and Aeronef models from Brigade Models
and 2mm infantry from Irregular Miniatures

With these rules each stand equals a regiment of infantry or cavalry, a battery of 4-6 guns,or 4-6 land ironclads or aeronefs.
Note that in the photos below, there is a strip of bare base where eventually the LSNC labels will be located once I have made a final determination of each unit's stats. The stands are 3 inches across by 1.5 inches deep for units, and 1.5 by 1.5 for HQs and batteries. The size of the stands will help give you a sense of scale for the minis
I will start by showcasing example bases for the Germans. Later I will show the British. Enjoy:

Infantry Regiment

Battery of Artillery and Brigade HQ

Land Train

Self Propelled Heavy Artillery (Converted from GW Epic vehicles with the simple addition of smokestacks.)

Gretchin Scout Contraptions

Volker Gun Contraptions

Loki Class Ironclads

Brigade of Wolfherz Class Ironclads

Lowehertz Class Ironclad

Loki Class Ironclads with Infantry Regiment

SA-15 Class Patrol Nef

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buzz Lightyear: Ultramarine!

I found this push style lollipop at the local Walgreen's and was struck by the similarity of Buzz Lightyear's armor to a Space Marine's uniform. (I must admit I had never really studied Buzz Lightyear's armor pattern before.) So, I bought a couple to experiment converting, with some leftover Space Marine bits I had, into a more properly accoutremented marine.
Unfortunately, the figure measures about 45mm, so won't quite fit in with regular Space Marines unless you consider him some super-sized hero. But, it will certainly make a nice display piece... or a good figure to intimidate you enemies with as they wonder what he knows that he's smiling so much.

I began by cutting him free of the candy container. Then I trimmed off his backpack, which was a bit too flat and non-standard marine issue to be of use. The plastic was soft and a hobby blade worked on it easily. I also cut off his left hand to affix a weapon. I envisioned the great juxtaposition of him, with his big stupid grin, wielding a chain sword. Trimming the hand off was a little difficult as it was attached directly to his belt. Next, I glued him to a standard black plastic base. I then began gluing on the bits. I used E6000 glue to affix the Space Marine bits, as the figure is molded out of a softer plastic, that I knew regular hard plastic glue wouldn't work.

I gave him, a chain sword, as mentioned before, shoulder pads, a new backpack, and a holstered pistol. I also gave him a nice cluster of purity seals, as I figured Buzz, being G-rated, is surely one of the purest of Space Marines. The chainsword needed a bit of trimming to fit in the narrow area between his wrist and belt. The rest of the pieces fit easily, with no adjustment.
Now, I need to paint him. I think I am going to do him as an Ultramarine. I'll show the results in a couple weeks.

Recent Uncharted Seas Game

I recently hosted a games day for our club, at which I ran an Uncharted Seas scenario. The scenario involved an Orc raid on a Dwarven mining/port facility. For this scenario I constructed out of pink and blue foam scraps three key terrain features: the base of the harbor, where the mines and port were located, and two land arms reaching out into the harbor. I also made two small islands to place in the mouth of the harbor. On the ends of each of the arms, and on each island I put a turret.

The turrets were constructed out of travel-sized dental floss containers with round plastic coffee stirrer guns, and a washer and plastic base for the top. On the top of the plastic base, I glued the back for a pierced earring. This has a small hole in it in which I plan to eventually insert a flagpole and flag.

I also constructed three dwarf ore barges. I traced the hull outline of a standard dwarf cruiser onto a sheet of balsa to form the basic shape. Then used balsa strips to form the edges of the hold. I build up a small mound with pink foam scraps in the hold area, and then glued ballast over it. Finally, I painted them

I did not get to complete the main harbor base in time for the game. Eventually, I hope to add more detailed mining structures and other buildings.
The game was a lot of fun, but turned out to be a bit lopsided in favor of the Orcs. One of the main problems was that I gave the turrets stats that were too weak, and the Orc Ships were able to quickly eliminate most of them at long range; before the Dwarves ever had a chance to fire them.
I plan to revisit this scenario, as the players really enjoyed it and I think it has great potential. I will keep you posted as it evolves.