Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mars and Venus by GASLIGHT

I have recently moved two back burner projects to the front of the line: VSF Mars and Venus. I had been toying with doing GASLIGHT games set on these planets for a few years now, and had slowly been purchasing the figures and terrain I would need for them. I think the arrival of the John Carter movie trailer, as well as making tentative plans with Buck Surdu for a Historicon '12 Mars game inspired me to start the Mars project in ernest, and the purchase of some great jungle terrain made by Harry Kogelschatz in the Historicon flea market that inspired me to dust off my unpainted (and in some cases, unassembled) Venus figures.
So, I thought today I would share some of my first efforts that I have completed. The extreme heat and humidity here on the US East Coast has made any attempts at spraying futile, so these figures have sat without their varnish coat for almost a week now. A nice break in the temperature yesterday, allowed me to get them outside and finish them.

Fist up is a set of TinMan 28mm miniatures. These are their: (l. to r) Skiff, Moola, Jack Carson, and Princess Livia figures. I got their Livia figure to be my Dejah Thoris because I didn't really like the striding pose of their Princes Delia figure. I have added a sword to Dejah Thoris' hand so she doesn't have to always be the helpless captive.

Here is a close up of our heroes

..and a rear view. I enjoyed the opportunity to practice painting skin tones, and actually found these figures to be fun and easy to paint.

John Carter skimming across the Martian plains on his trusty skiff.

These are some Martian rock men. They were converted from Heroclix Korg figures. I separated the figure from it's base and glued it to a washer. I also changed some of the arm and leg positions to give each figure some individuality. I added a Milliput circlet around one figures head to represent the unit leader. Being Heroclix figures, they come prepainted, but I also gave them a wash with Windsor newton Peat Brown ink, and then dry brushed them with a little GW Dwarven Flesh.

These are two specialty figures for my Parrotmen of Venus army. Both are Games Workshop Kroot figures. The big gun mounted on the beast had a futuristic muzzle break on it which I removed to give it more of a smoothbore look. Perfect for putting holes in those nasty French Steam-walkers. The other figure will act as the overall tribal chief for my Parrotmen, and here again the muzzle end was removed.

A closer view of my Parrotmen 'big gun'.

And a view from behind.

A close up of the Parrotmen Tribal Chief.

And a view from behind.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HAWKs Room at Historicon 2011

Here is a sampling of some of the games the HAWKs ran this year at Historicon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My GASLIGHT Historicon Games

Here are pictures of the three GASLIGHT games I ran (or co-ran) at Historicon.

The first shots are from Victoria Hawkes and the Lost Roman Colony game I ran Friday night. This scenario pitted Germans and their native allies against a lost Roman colony and their giant gorilla guards assisted by Victoria Hawkes and her great uncle's African expedition.

The scene as the Germans approach the Roman fort.

German steamwalkers menace the fort's defenders

A swirling melee develops as the gorilla guards try to smash a German steamwalker

German Krieghosen armored suits cut through the fort's wall and a battle ensues in the breech.

Another shot of the fighting in the breech.

The next set of pictures are from the GASLIGHT Extravaganza which Buck and I ran Saturday morning. This game had two British columns trying to achieve two objectives; free Wee Willie Winkie, a prisoner in the Pasha's fort, and get a crew to the disabled Colossus leviathan. They were opposed by Pathans and their Russian advisers.

Shot down one arm of the "L" shaped table.

Sikh steam elephants and British steam spiders mix it up with Pathans and their timberclad vehicles.
The swirling fight around a small village.

Russian raptor mounted Cossacks charge forward.

British and their allies press forward.

As Pathans snipe from the rooftops.

The disabled Colossus with Pathan tribesmen guarding it.

My last game was Hunt for the Valkyrie on Mars which used the new Fleetbattles rules found in the Compendium. In this scenario, British forces are trying to destroy a new German aircraft carrier that has been badly damaged in a storm, while the Germans are trying to protect it and get it off the table.

Two patrol ships exchange fire as a German Cruiser moves into position.

Fighters from the Valkyrie strafe a British patrol ship, ignite a fire on board.

Monday, July 11, 2011

HAWKs First Armies-for-Kids Project a Success!

The HAWKs completed their first Armies-for-Kids project at last weekend's Historicon. The club gave away 16 painted plastic AWI armies to 8 kids who took part. The kids also got a goodie bag filled with gaming aids and terrain. Two games were held: one Friday GM-ed by Buck Surdu, and one Saturday GM-ed by Duncan Adams.
The club is already making plans for next year's Historicon. We want to thank the folks who dropped off donations of figures and terrain at the convention, as well as those who gave financial assistance, and those who offered to paint armies in he future. We were thrilled by your support.

Gamemaster Buck Surdu (blue shirt) ran Friday's session

Two of the young generals command their forces.

American cavalry advances through the woods.

Two of the proud owners of new armies!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pathan Hill Fort for GASLIGHT Extravaganza

I finished the Pathan hill fort that will play a key roll in the GASLIGHT Extravaganza that Buck Surdu and I are running at Historicon, and wanted to share some pictures.

This is the beginning stages. I cut out the hill from some scrap pink foam board, and am trying out some different looks for the fort. At first I was going to do a square tower.

This is the finished fort. I decided to go with a round tower instead of a square one.

Here's a closer look at the entry-way detail. The two sections of scrap insulation foam I used didn't quite match up evenly, so I used this misalignment to create a nice rock crevice.

Here is a rear view into the fort, showing the tower entrance and the stairs up to the firing platforms.

Look for a full report on the game when I return from the convention next week!