Saturday, March 31, 2012

"A Union So Tested" Rules Used at Army OPD

Last Thursday several members of the HAWKs were invited to lead an Officer Professional Development event for members of an Army Signal Battalion. Sam Fuson spearheaded the effort which included the officers, senior NCOs and senior civilian staff members of the unit.
The object of the event was to have the participants take part in a game recreating the battle of Chancellorsville from the American Civil War with the goal of encouraging decision making strategic thinking, and team building. Each player was assigned a divisional or corps command.
The game was played on a 20' x 8' foot table and featured over 4000 1/72 scale plastic figures. Set up took over two hours.

The rules used were our "A Union So Tested: Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW". Each stand of infantry represented a regiment.

The table full of figures was an impressive sight.

All the players really got into the game and had a fun time while having a learning and team building experience as well.

Afterwards, Colonel Surdu led the officers in an after action discussion of the battle.

And Colonel Surdu was awarded a plaque for his part in making this event a success.

Here is a short video of the event:

HAWKs Near Completion of 2012 Armies for Kids Effort

The HAWKs are nearing completion of this year's Armies for Kids project. This will be the second year for the club, who gave away 16 armies to kids who took part in two specially designated kids games at last year's Historicon. This year the HAWKs are working on 8 Seven Years War armies to give away to some lucky kids at Historicon 2012.

This year's Seven Years War project is based on the generous donation of 15mm figures from Robert Piepenbrink, as well as the donations of additional SYW figures from Erik Engling, and Ed Mohrmann. The club has been aided this year by some financial donations from folks who generously gave the club money at last year's Historicon, and the painting support of John Spiess, who beautifully painted two of this year's giveaway armies for us.
Last night some of the HAWKs got together to do some finishing touches on the infantry for this year's giveaway. They also took units of cavalry to work on at home.

These armies will be presented to kids at Historicon 2012.

For additional information contact me at

For details on last year's project see:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday HAWKs Games at Cold Wars

By Sunday at Cold Wars I had used up all the space on my digital camera's card, but I was able to get some photos of the games the HAWKs ran with my phone. Sorry in advance for the quality.

Z-260 - Tripod Down!
Sun. 10:00 AM, 3 hrs, 5 players
GM: Buck Surdu and HAWKS
Modern 28mm, Rules: GASLIGHT Compendium
The home guard around the small town of Bramley has destroyed a
Martian tripod. Three more tripods rush to the aid of the downed
crew. Will the Martians rescue their companions, or will Bramley
turn out to be a death trap for them?

Z-255 - Buck Rogers Comes to Schlegel's Ferry on
Explorer's Day
Sun. 9:00 AM, 3 hrs, 8 players
GM: Kurt Schlegel and HAWKS
Future 54mm, Rules: GASLIGHT
In an effort to attract more business, the Schlegels have invited Dr.
Huer and his associates to investigate the ruins of Schlegel's Ferry.
When Dr Huer accepts, rumours of buried treasure spread and
many more people than were invited show up to join in the
festivities! Easy to learn rules, children with an accompanying
adult welcomed.

Z-270 - Sail into the Uncharted SeasSun. 10:00 AM, 2 hrs, 4 playersGM: James (Tank) Nickle and HAWKSFantasy 1/600, Rules: Uncharted SeasThe factions of the Uncharted Seas are constantly struggling fordominance. Welcome to just another day of mortal combat.

Cold Wars 20 Player Pirate-aganza

Saturday night at Cold Wars Buck Surdu and I ran our 20 player Pirate-aganza. Players were tasked with collecting various treasure tokens we had spread around the table, and whoever had the most treasure at the end of the game was the winner.

S-259 - Saturday Night's Alright for … Sacking a
Sat. 7:00 PM, 4 hrs, 20 players
GM: Buck Surdu with Chris Palmer and HAWKS
Age of Piracy 28mm, Rules: GASLIGHT Compendium
Shiver me timbers, lad, it be pirates! Several ship loads of pirates
set ashore to seize plunder, release their friends from the
governor's dungeon, "rescue" young damsels, and other assorted
mischief. The governor's small garrison will do its best to
maintain order. Come join this wild and rollicking, epic tale of
We were pleased to have a full quota of players and a lots of folks who stopped by to watch the action.
Buck (blue shirt) helps one of the players with the rules.

The small harbor town was the scene of much of the action.

On the other side of the table from the town, was the fort.
Though a few of the braver pirate bands tried to overwhelm it's defenders, none of them were able to get inside.

Some of the action around the governor's mansion

In the final turns of the game we had a dramatic siege of the church, where one of the townsfolk players had barricaded himself with much of the treasure from the town.

Buck and I were awarded a "Pour Encouragers Les Autres" Award for the game by the convention awards committee.

For more photos and information see Buck Surud's blog:

Saturday HAWKs Games at Cold Wars

Here are some photos of some of the games presented in the HAWKs room at Cold Wars. The HAWKs were awarded three "Pour Encourager Les Autres" Awards by the convention awards committee for the following games: Thanksgiving Comes to Schlegels Ferry, Valentines Day Comes to Schlegels Ferry, and Saturday Night's Alright for..Sacking a Town.

Now on to the photos...

S-279 - Bridge at Jemappes - August 23 1914
Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Duncan Adams and HAWKS
WWI 25mm, Rules: Fire Team Vietnam, Modified
The BEF's position on the Mons-Conde canal is spread thin and the
Germans are coming fast. This skirmish level game recreates one
episode of the famous battle.

Duncan Adams, (wearing pink badge) answers a player's question during his Bridge at Jemappes game. His terrain was simply beautiful.

Sat. 10:00 AM, 4 hrs, 12 playersGM: James (Tank) Nickle with Kurt Schlegel and HAWKSWWII Microarmor, Rules: Look Sarge No ChartsJuly 5th, 1943. The Germans commit the 2SS Panzer Division to break through the Soviet lines at Beresoff on the southern flank of the Kursk salient. This scenario will feature both sides attacking and manuveuring, on a large table, to keep the initiative.

Gamemasters, Kurt Schlegel (yellow shirt) and James Nickle (dark hair, beard, and black shirt), look on as a player moves his units.

S-281 - Medieval MayhemSat. 1:00 PM, 3 hrs, 6 playersGM: Rob Dean and HAWKS Medieval 54mm, Rules: Medieval Mayhem (home)Small groups of English and French soldiers clash over livestock in the Hundred Years War. Simple, fast skirmish rules will be taught.

Gamemaster Rob Dean (blue shirt and pink badge) looks on as players activate their units. Another example of a beautifully terrained table.

S-263 - The Defense of Hondeghem
Sat. 1:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Don Hogge and HAWKS
WWII 28mm, Rules: Battleground WW2
It is France 1940; the village of Hondeghem is on the German line
of advance towards the channel ports. The village must be held
long enough to allow British troops to safety fall back towards
Dunkirk. Can the outnumbered defenders hold back the German

Gamemaster Don Hogge, (dark blue shirt) listens to a players question during the game.

S-251 - Valentine's Day Comes to Schlegel's Ferry

Sat. 10:00 AM, 2 hrs, 8 players

GM: Eric Schlegel and HAWKS
Inter-War 25mm, Rules: Blood and Swash
14 February 1930. A year after the famous St. Valentine's DayMassacre in Chicago, a gang of mobsters have turned up dead in Schlegel's Ferry. Who did it and why? Join the Schlegels, local police, G-men, gangsters and various other groups in trying to solve the mystery. Differences of opinion are bound to occur and weapons may be drawn. There's also that little guy with the bow and arrow to contend with. This is the fourth of eight holiday themed scenarios at Schlegel'sFerry, covering various periods of American history from colonial times to the future. As time progresses, the buildings and layouts offields change, but the Schlegel family still faces the challenge of maintaining their homes.

Gamemaster Eric Schlegel, (blue shirt) watches as a player moves his unit.

Cupid, wearing green this time, can be seen on the roof top in the center of the photo. His arrows would cause factions fighting each other to suddenly call a truce.

S-252 - Halloween Comes to Schlegel's Ferry
Sat. 1:00 PM, 2 hrs, 8 players
GM: David Schlegel and HAWKS
Modern 25mm, Rules: Blood and Swash
31 October 1957. Everyone in Schlegel's Ferry is out celebrating
Halloween. The kids are trick-or-treating and the teenagers and
adults are off to parties, but something doesn't feel right. Is it aliens
or the red menace or something worse?
This is the fifth of eight holiday themed scenarios at Schlegel's
Ferry, covering various periods of American history from colonial
times to the future. As time progresses, the buildings and layouts of
fields change, but the Schlegel family still faces the challenge of
maintaining their homes.

S-254 - Christmas Comes to Schlegel's Ferry
Sat. 7:00 PM, 2 hrs, 8 players
GM: Eric Schlegel and HAWKS
Modern 25mm, Rules: Blood and Swash
25 December 2011. Santa Claus has decided to take a year off and
is vacationing in Schlegel's Ferry with a few friends. Other parties
have arrived and are intent on taking Santa back to the North Pole,
by force, if necessary, and the Schlegel boys see an opportunity to
acquire some new toys.
This is the seventh of eight holiday themed scenarios at Schlegel's
Ferry, covering various periods of American history from colonial
times to the future. As time progresses, the buildings and layouts of
fields change, but the Schlegel family still faces the challenge of
maintaining their homes.

The HAWKs wish to thank all the players who came out to take part in their games. You are the one who helped make it another successful convention for the club.

1812 Zombies by GASLIGHT Game at Cold Wars

After his Saturday morning Dr Who game at Cold Wars, Greg reset his table for his afternoon Zombies by GASLIGHT game using the similar set up and many of the same figures.

S-267 - Corpse & Musket: Napoleonic Zombies by
GASLIGHT - Theme Game
Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Greg Priebe with Todd Harland-White and HAWKS
Napoleonic 28mm, Rules: GASLIGHT
The year is 1812 and Napoleon's once great army is now in retreat
following the invasion of Russia. Can you guide your ragged band
of French stragglers to safety in the face of Russian patrols,
freezing temperatures and your own fallen comrades raised from
the dead by the curse of a vengeful Haitian priestess?
Children under 14 only with a playing adult.

Russian and French troops prepare to do battle with little knowledge of what lurks in the woods.

French and Russian cavalry is set upon by a horde of the undead.

A french officer is set upon a fights off two of the undead.

A horde of Zombies breaks from the woods and goes for a column of French troopers.

An overview of the table. Greg had made dozens of great Napoleonic zombies by combining the plastic Mantic Zombies set with a Victrix French Napoleonic set.

Two of the players conduct close combat. The afternoon sun gives the table a dramatic wintry look.

A swirling melee as the game reaches its final stages.

Fantasy Battles by GASLIGHT Game at Cold Wars

On Saturday morning, Dave Wood ran a Fantasy variant of Battles by GASLIGHT. I had had the opportunity to help playtest this game, and it was a blast.

S-283 - Fantasy by GASLIGHT
Sat. 9:00 AM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Dave Wood and HAWKS
Fantasy 28mm, Rules: Battles by GASLIGHT
The humans have joined the dwarves and elves in their ongoing
battle against the orcs and their ratling allies and are attempting to
retake the lost elven homeland. In this battle can the allies reclaim
the elven shrine, or will the orcs continue to desecrate this sacred
elven site?
Notes: Children under 13 welcome with a playing adult

Dave, in the blue shirt, explains the rules to the players.

One of the best things about the game was getting to see all of Dave's great collection of vintage Fantasy figures. There are some real classics.

Players of the 'Good' alliance move their figures.

There were a lot of interesting rule modifications for magic that Dave made to help give the game a good Fantasy feel.

The battle heats up all across the table.

Another view of a swirling melee.