Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scratchbuilt Aeronef German Aircraft Carrier

When I was playtesting the Fleetbattles portion of the GASLIGHT Compendium at HMGS-East conventions over the past few years, I met Bob Seitz, a fan of the rules, and an avid modeler. He generously gave me a scratchbuilt German aircraft carrier he had made, after we had had a conversation regarding the lack of such a carrier in the Aeronef range and my use of a French carrier painted in German colors to fill the bill in one of my games. The carrier Bob made was based on the Blucher Dreadnought design, and is constructed from plastic sheets and tubes. I am very honored to be the recipient of this beautifully executed model, and have painted it up to use in my Fleetbattles game at Historicon this Summer.

Here is the carrier with a gray spray primer applied.

Here is a view from the stern.

For the first step of painting I applied a dark gray color to the hull, and then washed with black ink, and then dry-brushed with light grey.

Next I painted all decking a medium brown and then washed with dark brown ink.

Then I began the detail painting.

The finished aircraft carrier.

Another view.

I'm very pleased with how the model painted up. If you want to see it in person, visit my "Hunt for the Valkyrie" game in the HAWKs room Saturday night at Historicon

EDIT: Thanks to those of you who pointed out that I accidently mounted the flag upside down on the mast. I will correct the mistake asap! :-)