Sunday, August 21, 2022

Rankin-Bass Themed Elf Unit for "Wars of Ozz"

    This past week I finished an Elf unit for my "Wars of Ozz" Yule force.  When I first saw these sculpts from Old Glory, I decided that when I got my hands on them I'd  paint my Elf unit to look like the Elves in the old Rankin-Bass "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" Christmas TV special.
   When I got to basing them, I debated about whether to go with snow bases or regular grass bases. In the end I decided on partial snow bases with the hopes that they will look okay on both a snow table cover or a regular grass table cover. 
     I used mostly Citadel Contrast Paints on these.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

"Wars of Ozz" Game Report

   I ran a great game of Wars of Ozz last night at the HAWKs meeting. We had 6 players on a 6"x10" table, and used the beautiful Ozz figures from Old Glory.  The battle featured a force of 3 Winkie Brigades attacking a combined force of 2 Munchkin Brigades and 1 Land of Harvest Brigade.   The Winkies were tasked with setting fire to 5 crop-filled fields on the table, while the Munchkin/Harvest alliance attempted to prevent this.  
     It was a fantastic fight with much back and forth action.  In the end, the Winkies were only able to torch one of the fields, so the game was declared a Munchkin/Harvest victory.  All the players had a great time; and I had a great time running the game, assisted by co-GM Greg Priebe.
An overview of the battlefield at the start.  Munchkin/Harvest faction on the left, WInkies on the right.

A view of the Munchkin right wing.

Evora the Witch runs forward and casts a fireball into the flank of a nearby Munchkin regiment. 

On the Munchkin/Harvest left flank, the Great Pumpkinheads advance from the cover of a wall to engage the advancing Winkies.

One of the Munchkin commanders and the Harvest commander prepare to maneuver their units.  

The Lesser Pumpkinheads move forward to join their big brothers in attempting to halt the Winkies. 

In the center, the Winkie Heavy Cavalry moves up and prepares their assault.

The Great Pumpkinheads charge the Winkie Sharpshooters.  Much carnage ensued!

A view of the table about halfway through the battle.

The Winkie line presses forward towards the town.

The Munchkin right fires upon the approaching Winkies.

The Winkies charge the town

Munchkins in the center issue fire on the attacking WInkies as well. 

A vicious hand-to-hand battle ensues as the Winkies slowly push the Munchkins back through the town, eventually routing them. But it is too little late, and with with most of Winkie forces battered, and the target crops still beyond their reach, the game comes to an end.