Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Firestorm Armada Showcase

I thought this week I'd share a sampling of my Firestorm Armada fleets: the Sorylians and the Dindendrzi. I'm really enjoying this game, and there are a few guys in the club who have put together fleets, so we get a chance to play often. Recently, I just started painting and mounting up old Battlefleet Gothic fighters, bombers, etc. to replace the cardboard tokens used in the FA game; so I've enclosed some shots of those. I glued them with Gorilla brand superglue onto bases made of plastic canvas cut to match the size of the FA tokens, and marked each base with a letter corresponding to what it represents: F-fighter-B-bomber, I- interceptor.
Click on any photo to view it larger. My apologies for the focus on some of these; the dark background was giving my camera's auto-focus fits.

Sorylian Battleship with Interceptor, Fighter, and Bomber bases

Sorylian Interceptors, Fighters, and Bombers

Dindrenzi Battleship

Dindrenzi Battleship, rear view

Sorylian Carrier

Dindrenzi Carrier

Dindrenzi Carrier, rear view

Dindrenzi Crusier

Dindrenzi Crusier, rear view

Sorylian Crusier

Sorylian Crusier, rear view