Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10mm Giant Poison Dart Frog Swarms

     Over this past weekend I finished up a couple bases of giant poison dart frog swarms to accompany my 10mm Lizardman army for use with "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" mass combat fantasy rules.   The figures were from a pack I picked up in a flea market a while back and were made by Chariot (now sold by Magister Millitum) and intended for 15mm. I think they work fine for 10mm too.
Two bases and a command stand.

A close up.

Shown with some 10mm Pendraken Lizardmen for scale.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Armies For Kids 2015 Project Update

This past Saturday Buck Surdu hosted a painting day to work on this year's Armies For Kids project.   Members of the HAWKs got together at his house to paint about a hundred 40mm ACW Union figures that were part of a lot donated by Maynard Creel.  Another approximately 100 painted figures donated by Keven Pinder,were mounted on bases.   There are also a large number of painted figures donated to this year's project by Ed Mohrmanm, and some by Phil Kearnan.
Photo courtesy of Buck Surdu.
       After a morning of painting, the guys took a brake and played the new Star Wars Imperial Assault game.  Buck has posted a write up of that session to his blog
Photo courtesy of Buck Surdu.
     These armies will be presented to 6 lucky kids who take part in a specially designated game at Historicon this summer.