Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Club Zombie Project

My friend Buck and I were talking over the Christmas holiday and, both being fans of the book World War Z, we were discussing how it would be cool to do a zombie project, but neither of us felt we wanted to dive into such a project if it meant painting a couple hundred zombies. So we struck upon the idea of making it a club project where each member only had to paint 20 zombies and a small group of survivors. When we brought the idea to the club members we were met with an enthusiastic response. It seems we weren't the only ones interested in doing a zombie project but not in painting hundreds of zombies. We agreed to use the 28mm Wargames Factory zombies since they were reasonable priced and offered a lot of flexibility for variety of poses. We will probably adapt our GASLIGHT rules for the games.
I purchased a pack at the local brick and mortar game store and have begun to put them together and paint them. I'm finding it to be a lot of fun to find creative poses and as I build more I'm getting inspired to do more involved conversions. I had a couple sprues of the freebie Wargames Factory ancients that had been given out at some of the HMGS cons, and I Incorporated some of the parts from these into some of the zombies I made. I also found the zombies to be a pleasure to paint.
Here are some photos of my first attempts. These are the first ten that I have assembled and painted. I will post the next ten when they are finished. I've been enjoying them so much I may do anther twenty. Who knew making and painting zombies could be so infectious. :-)

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  1. That does look like fun! My local club is pretty strictly historicals - VSF is about as 'out there' as they tend to lean. But I think your clubbing it idea is teh way to go for the project.

    Keep us posted!