Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My GASLIGHT Historicon Games

Here are pictures of the three GASLIGHT games I ran (or co-ran) at Historicon.

The first shots are from Victoria Hawkes and the Lost Roman Colony game I ran Friday night. This scenario pitted Germans and their native allies against a lost Roman colony and their giant gorilla guards assisted by Victoria Hawkes and her great uncle's African expedition.

The scene as the Germans approach the Roman fort.

German steamwalkers menace the fort's defenders

A swirling melee develops as the gorilla guards try to smash a German steamwalker

German Krieghosen armored suits cut through the fort's wall and a battle ensues in the breech.

Another shot of the fighting in the breech.

The next set of pictures are from the GASLIGHT Extravaganza which Buck and I ran Saturday morning. This game had two British columns trying to achieve two objectives; free Wee Willie Winkie, a prisoner in the Pasha's fort, and get a crew to the disabled Colossus leviathan. They were opposed by Pathans and their Russian advisers.

Shot down one arm of the "L" shaped table.

Sikh steam elephants and British steam spiders mix it up with Pathans and their timberclad vehicles.
The swirling fight around a small village.

Russian raptor mounted Cossacks charge forward.

British and their allies press forward.

As Pathans snipe from the rooftops.

The disabled Colossus with Pathan tribesmen guarding it.

My last game was Hunt for the Valkyrie on Mars which used the new Fleetbattles rules found in the Compendium. In this scenario, British forces are trying to destroy a new German aircraft carrier that has been badly damaged in a storm, while the Germans are trying to protect it and get it off the table.

Two patrol ships exchange fire as a German Cruiser moves into position.

Fighters from the Valkyrie strafe a British patrol ship, ignite a fire on board.

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